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This Sunday we will begin our 28 Days of Prayer and Fasting. We have done fasts the last few years, and they have been significant times in the life of our church. We have so much stuff in our lives, and it is freeing to push those aside to make more time for God. I hope that in doing this we form habits that will run throughout the year. 

We want to use this time to seek the Lord for his direction for our church. We are looking at acquiring our own meeting space, and that is exciting, but I don’t just want a building. I am praying we would be a people gathering together and passionately pursuing God and his Word and telling others about the life found in Jesus. We want to seek God for the decisions that lay ahead and, even more, we want to put him first in this decision and everything else we do. Let’s pray for him to lead us in what we need to do.

We have prepared a prayer guide that walks you through the book of Matthew and includes prayer points for Radiant Church. Matthew is 28 chapters long, so one chapter a day, and you will complete the book. The guide will also give you ideas on how to pray for our church. We want to encourage you to go through the reading and prayer guide each day and share with us and/or others what you are learning. We want to fast from things that distract us from God, but we also want to add in the things we should be doing. This daily reading of God’s word is a great place to start.  

We want to have extra time to gather and pray. We will have a Zoom prayer meeting each Tuesday at 12:00pm, a special night of Prayer and Worship at 7:00pm on Jan 27, and we also want to make more time for prayer on Sundays. We would like to have a few people each Sunday pray for our church and for the things he puts on their hearts. If you feel led to pray, have a burden for something in particular, or an encouragement for the church, I want to encourage you to share that. We want to seek the Lord as an entire congregation. 

In the book of Acts, the church committed themselves to a time of prayer and fasting and God spoke to them and directed them on how they could impact the world by sending out Paul and Barnabas. I pray God will speak to us in this time and show us what he is calling us to do for him.

“While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”  Then after fasting and praying they laid their hands on them and sent them off.”  (Acts 13:2-3)

Let’s seek the Lord together for what he has for us and our church!