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Restoring the Temple

Click here for audio Click here for video Restoring the Temple Luke 20:20-40 We have all done house projects. They typically take twice as long and cost three times as much as we thought it would. It’s always neat to see the transformation that happens.  We had a scary, cool basement in Maryland, 100 year…
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The Servant King

Click here for audio Click here for video Luke 19:28-48 We are beginning a series this week where we are going to look at the last week of Jesus’ life through the lens of the gospel of Luke. All the gospel accounts center on Jesus’ death. Very little is written about his early life. The…
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Now Hiring Part Time Administrator

We are hiring! We are looking for a team player to be a part of our church family and help ensure the office, finances, and various ministry events are done with excellence. If you would like more info please use this link.

The Mission of Loving Neighbors

Click here for audio Click here for video We are in between series right now. We just finished Isaiah and will start a new one on Easter next week. Today I wanted to talk about our mission as a church and use a familiar passage to talk about what we are trying to do.  We…
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Celebrating Easter in April

This April we are going to share about Easter every Sunday in April. As everyone has been through so much adversity and uncertainty the last couple years, we want to look at how the resurrection gives us certain hope in uncertain times. Easter is such a powerful source of strength, and we hope you will…
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The End of All Endings

Click here for audio Click here for video Isaiah 65:17-25; 66:1-24 Our kids are big Star Wars fans. Anyone else? How can you not enjoy it? The iconic bad buy in Darth Vader. Awesome sound effects. A legit storyline. Loveable creatures like Ewoks. It’s got something for everyone. Right.? But let me also confess something…
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Transformed by God

Click here for audio Click here for video Transformed by God Isaiah 61 In 2007 I was working in corporate sales and was at our company’s annual sales meeting in Atlanta, and I got to hear Chris Gardner speak. You may know him but he is the person the book “Pursuit of Happiness” was based…
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The Grand Invitation

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Suffering Servant

Click here for audio Click here for video Isaiah 52:13-12 We are looking at one of the clearest, most prescient prophetic anticipations of the coming of Jesus. It is also one of the clearest most illuminating Old Testament passages on what Jesus comes to do. If you want to understand in a nutshell what Christianity…
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Discovery Group Training

Did you know that the New Testament alone discusses how we should interact with our brothers and sisters in Christ over 100 times? It says to honor one another, confess to one another, look out for one another, build one another up, consider one another, forgive one another, pray for one another, confess to one…
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