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Praying for Revival

Praying for Revival

We are in unprecedented times as a nation, and we see the deep healing that needs to take place in our country. We want to pray for this healing, but even more we want to pray for revival. Revival is people coming alive to God’s purposes, and we we believe this is the way to true healing. In a leaders meeting we recently talked about what it looks like for God to bring revival to a church, and we wanted to share with you so that you could pray as well.

Revival involves people:

  • Hungering to read their Bibles and know God.
  • Deciding to trust in and follow God and repenting of their straying from him. 
  • Gathering together to worship and be in the presence of the Lord.
  • Living in community and meeting the needs of others. 
  • Proclaiming what God has promised and how he is working in their life. 

Here are a few specific ways we connect this to our church:

  • People eager to meet in at church and in small group (Discovery Groups) so they can hear God’s word, discuss how to follow it, and pray for one another.
  • People sharing how Jesus is at work in their lives and inviting others to know or discover who Jesus is.
  • People growing deeper in relationships with others and meeting needs in the community. 
  • People gathering together to pray fervently for God to move and work in these ways. 

We want to ask you to pray for this to happen at our church. For more on revival read Acts 2, Nehemiah 8, 2 Kings 23, Revelation 1-3

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