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New Years Reflections Questions

New Years Reflections Questions

The New Year brings in extra vacation time and is also a natural point to reflect on the last year and make resolutions for the upcoming year. In anticipation of this, I wanted to provide some questions I thought would be helpful for making the New Year resolutions. Most people only look at superficial aspects of their lives like body weight and food, and neglect to ask spiritual questions. Below are some questions and categories to reflect on. I want to encourage you to look through them, and see if these questions might help you pinpoint an area or two to target for growth.

If you want to begin by looking at verses regarding the place of reflecting on your life and walk with the Lord then look at these: Proverbs 14:15, Lamentations 3:40, Psalm 139:23-24, or 1 Thessalonians 2:12.

Reflect and Give Thanks for Last Year’s Blessings

  1. What happened last year that you are most grateful for?
  2. Where have you seen God provide for and protect you?
  3. How has God pursued you and given you strength this year? 
  4. In what ways have you grown this last year?
  5. What did you accomplish and who helped you?

Reflect and Pray About Areas of Change

  1. What do you regret most about this last year?
  2. What have you done to bring change or address those areas?
  3. What things in your life have distracted you from your walk with God?
  4. What does God call you to do in these areas?
  5. What is the root sin of these areas that you need to put off, and what is the core truth you need to believe and put on (See Col. 3:9-10 for put-offs and put-ons)?

Reflections on Spiritual Life

  1. What ways of serving God have brought you the most joy this year?
  2. What are the things most likely to take away from your first love of Jesus?
  3. How diligently are you pursuing the Lord?
    1. What does the quality and consistency of your daily Bible reading and prayer time look like?
    2. What does your commitment to gathering with other believers in prayer, Bible study, and service say about your walk with the Lord?
    3. What does your commitment to church say about your walk with the Lord?
    4. Whom have you made an effort to invest in spiritually?
    5. What does your bank account and calendar say is of first importance in your life?
    6. What is your plan to serve and draw close to God?
  4. Is there anyone  you are harboring bitterness or unforgiveness towards?
  5. What does your practice of resting (or not resting) on the Sabbath say about your trust in God? 
  6. How might God call you to simplify life in order to make him most prominent?
  7. What does your physical health and diet reflect about honoring God with your body?

Reflect on Hope

  1. What aspect of having salvation in Jesus gives you the most hope and encouragement?
  2. What do you most look forward to about heaven and the renewal of creation?
  3. What sins do you need to confess and thank God for the forgiveness of in Jesus? 
  4. How does Jesus’s coming to be born on Earth bring you encouragement?
  5. How can you find peace in Jesus’s promise to return again?
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