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How I am Praying for the Election

How I am Praying for the Election

It’s election time again, and the ruthless ads are rolling full steam ahead, stirring up all kinds of emotions. We recently had a time of prayer at church for our nation and the elections, and I wanted to do a post to give some direction on how you might pray. 

1. Pray for Jesus’ Kingdom to Come

I start here because this is the greatest truth that should guide how I think about the election and government in general. God’s kingdom is the only perfect and eternal kingdom of peace. That’s where my hope is, why I trust in him, and what I am most concerned about. I want people to know him and his peace way more than I want to sway people to choose a broken, imperfect, mortal political candidate.

2. Pray for Truth

I don’t know what to believe anymore. There are two different sides to every story, and that means someone is lying. A friend of mine always prays for truth to prevail, and I have committed to that. When people lie, everyone suffers as it undermines the integrity of the whole system. A desire for truth should pervade every person of every political party. 

3. Pray for Righteousness

We need righteous laws. We need to see those doing wrong punished and those doing right rewarded. This is being inverted in our country. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” The lack of righteousness is the leading contributor to the erosion of integrity.

4. Pray for Your Opponents and Those You Differ With

Years and years of society advocating tolerance has not made people more tolerant or loving. It has only shifted the issues that are tolerated. People are dehumanized and canceled for differences, and this increases fear and instability. It’s one thing to differ and argue, but when it feels your very life and being is being threatened then it creates a new level of intensity and anxiety. We can differ with people, but we ought to do it with respect. We ought to want the best for our opponents. Pray for their well being and not their ruin. We need leaders to do this, but unfortunately that is not what gets people elected. 

5. Pray for Freedom

There is a widening divide on issues, and everyone wants their views and beliefs protected by codified law. You can’t legislate everything. We need to fight to protect the freedom to think differently. I want everyone to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, but I can’t legislate people into trusting him. It comes through genuine belief and trust. I want to share my faith, and I need to be OK sharing it with someone who is expressing the freedom to believe and act differently than me. I want to have freedom to express my views, and I also need to advocate for the freedom of others. 

6. Pray for Faith and Boldness

I am concerned with those wanting to take away my freedom to live out my faith. There are a number of current issues that are oppose a biblical worldview, and they threaten the ability of a Christian to participate in schools, workplaces, and society in general. I would like for my view to be accommodated and respected, but if not, I will still stand by it. Jesus saved me out of the mess of the world, and I want others to know that, and I want to boldly share that. I pray the church would be bold in love and speech.

7. Pray for Government to do Good

Romans 13:4 says rulers and authorities are there to do good to the people they serve. I want to pray for that to happen regardless of who is elected and in office. I don’t know why things are the way they are, but I know God is in it and has a plan. I pray for elected officials to see their calling is not just to garner votes and get elected, but to do the things that are good for the country. 

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