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A New Series: Hope for the Family

A New Series: Hope for the Family

On June 16 we are starting a new series called Hope for the Family. Family can be messy. We are all broken people and we experience that brokenness the most with the people closest to us. This brokenness can leave us feeling hurt, lonely, and confused. For that reason we are going to look at key passages of Scripture that help us understand and overcome the relational challenges we all face. We hope that through this series you will gain wisdom in walking through these issues and also experience God’s grace to heal and restore what is broken.

The topics that will be covered include: Loving others when its hard, being gracious in the midst of differences, not letting anxiety overflow into relationships, discovering the heart of the argument, dealing with grief and loss, finding peace and rest, and much more.

If you or someone you know has family struggles we would love to have you join us. We know that many times people can be scared to discuss their struggles and this prevents them from finding the help they need. We you will learn much through this series and also learn from others who have experienced similar struggles.

The series will start June 16 and go through Aug 4. Join us for one Sunday, for all of them or when you can make it. We would love to have you anytime!


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