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Guest Luncheon

Guest Luncheon

On Sunday November 3rd we are hosting a guest luncheon after service to explain the vision and values of Bridgeway Church. If you are new to the church and want to know what Bridgeway Church is about and what we hope to accomplish then this luncheon is for you. We will talk about the past and the future of Bridgeway Church and why we are moving into an exciting time as a church. Various leaders will be there to talk about what they do and the different opportunities to get involved.

Since lunch is being served, it will help us greatly if you let us know that you plan to come, or even if you let us know you are thinking about it. You can register for the lunch by clicking here.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to let us know. Call the office at 678-942-1100 or email at info@bridgeway.net

Thanks and we hope to see you there!


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