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Category: Keith Welton

Justice Delayed…But Not Denied

Click here to listen to the message. Justice Delayed… But Not Denied Acts 24 There is a saying in legal talk that justice delayed is justice denied. Perhaps it’s most famous when quoted by Martin Luther King Jr in his 1963 letter from a Birmingham jail. King is opposing the racial injustices of his time…
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Coram Deo

Click here to listen to the message. Coram Deo Acts 23:1-22 One of the unique things about Christianity is that at its core it is about a relationship with God. It’s not serving an impersonal God who is not involved in our lives. It is not about us being better people. It is about a…
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Seeing the Light

Click here to listen to the message. Seeing the Light  Acts 22 I enjoy reading, and one of my favorite authors is the Russian writer Fyodore Dostoevsky. And one of my favorite novels is Crime and Punishment. It is about a deranged college student who plots to kill a lady, carries it out, and then…
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Paying the Price of Following Jesus

Click here to listen to the message. Acts 21 Favorite thing to get in mail? Bills??? No. Buy something and each month you pay that cost. School loan- are we ever going to pay that thing off. Get hit each month.  There is a price to following Jesus. Following him costs us everything we have.…
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Be on Guard

Click here to listen to the message. Be on Guard. Acts 20 We are in chapter 20 of the book of Acts. and we are going to talk about being on guard. What do you think of when you hear: “Be on Guard.” [28 Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in…
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Master of All

Click here to listen to the message. Master of All Power in the Name Acts 19 Scripture reading: And God was doing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul, 12 so that even handkerchiefs or aprons that had touched his skin were carried away to the sick, and their diseases left them and the evil…
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Moved in Heart

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Closed Doors and Open Hearts

Click here to listen to the message. Acts 15:36-16:15 Have you ever felt like you hit a dead end?  I remember getting ready to graduate seminary in 2005. It was my last year of school and everything was lined up perfect. The church I was at wanted to bring me on staff. Amanda was pregnant,…
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The Work of God in the Mess of the People of God

Click here to listen to the In-Person service. The Work of God in the Mess of the People of God Acts 15:1-35 There is a saying in ministry that when you get down to pull someone out of the mud, sometimes you get splattered.  Another saying is that we are all sheep, and sheep bite. When you…
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Encouragement for Continuing On

Click here to listen to the In-Person service. Encouragement for Continuing On Acts 14 Today is Mothers Day. I thought about doing a stand alone message for mothers and on a text that I thought would connect to issues moms face. The more I looked at the next section in Acts the more I thought…
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