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Category: Romans

Loving Others

Radiant Church’s lead pastor, Keith Welton, delivers a sermon from Romans 12:9-21. Finding a church community is hard, but building it through love is our goal. Keith tells us how to have community with the Church. To listen to last week’s message on Jude 1:17-23, you can access the audio or video here. Nueroplasticity–Rewire Your Brain…
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New Life in the Family of God

We are currently in a fun sermon series entitled, “Family Matters,” where we look at God’s design for family, including marriage, parenting, and more. You can listen to today’s sermon from Dan Webb by itself or watch our full service on YouTube. Romans 12:1-13 A Living SacrificeI appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God,…
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Growing in the Gospel

Click here to listen to the message. Discussion Questions What is a topic, hobby, field of study that you enjoy growing in your knowledge of? How does your study of and pursuit of the gospel compare to your pursuit of this topic? How amazed at God’s grace is Paul? How does studying the gospel help…
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Security in Christ

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