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Category: Pastoral Encouragement

Sharing How God is Working

We want to continue providing opportunities to share, and I wanted to provide some explanation on what this looks like.

How I am Praying for the Election

It’s election time again, and the ruthless ads are rolling full steam ahead, stirring up all kinds of emotions.

(Re) Creating a New Value for Work

I don’t know about you, but I am blown away at the current work ethic. People don’t want to work and are not working. Businesses are short-staffed. Flights are delayed and lawns uncut because of inadequate workers. Friends tell me they are trying to hire but no one will show up for the interview or…
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Why Hanging at the Pool is Not the Church

The local church is Jesus’ primary way of building his kingdom. But the value of the local church has been lost by so many.

Don’t Miss the Beauty of the Church

Recently a friend sent me an article of an individual critiquing churches for being more devoted to political agendas than to the word of God. I think my friend was surprised to hear me reply that I agreed with many of the author’s criticisms. I thought he was insightful on some points. Some churches have…
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