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Men’s Night Wednesday July 11 at 7:00pm

Join the men of Bridgeway Church as we hear from Chris Gaynor, pastor of prayer and worship at Summit Church in Raleigh, NC. Chris is an engaging speaker whose humility, transparency, and passion come through in all he does. Chris was also a part of the replanting of Summit Church where he helped a plateaued…
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Summer Reading

Summer is the time of vacation and hopefully getting a little more rest and relaxation. It can also be a great a time to do a little more reading. If you want to grow in your walk with God (or in any other area) then you should learn to read. For this reason I wanted…
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Responding to Enemies

In Nehemiah 4 he is confronted by many different enemies that are looking to intimidate and stop his rebuilding effort. You may feel a little Nehemiah, trying to do what God calls you to do and yet confronted with opposition on all sides. Here are five things to do to overcome them. Pray: Prayer is…
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Mother’s Day

I asked one of our members, Joy Norris, who enjoys writing if she would mind sharing some encouraging advice to mothers on Mother’s Day. She agreed, and it is below. Thank you, Joy!

Read It Yourself

I wanted to post some passages in the Bible that give the account of the crucifixion and explain why it matters. I hope you will pick a couple passages to read for yourself and take a few minutes to read them and reflect on why it is such an important event.

Fake News & the Gospel of Good News

People need to put aside their opinions and attachment to what others have said and look at the actual events. And it’s not just with Trump and politics. It’s in everything including Christianity. This Easter I want to encourage you to read the gospel accounts for yourself.


For many commitment to Christ has been little more than walking the aisle, saying a prayer, or getting baptized, but there is so much more to it than this. A point of commitment is great, but a changed life should also ensue.

March Update

In January we came up with strategic plans to move the church forward and felt like if we could address key areas then we would be able to have an Easter launch. This felt aggressive at the time but we wanted to give it a shot. Six weeks later, and thanks to hard work by some key people, we are aiming for an Easter relaunch!

Finding True Community

There is a lot of talk about community today, and the reason for it is because there is such a lack of it. People live isolated independent lives that leaves them cut off from relationships. The social media craze leaves people with thousands of friends but no one to talk to.

New Worship Leader!

We are excited to announce that Kyle Rowe will be joining the Bridgeway staff as our new worship leader! This has been a key position to fill, and over the last couple months we had the privilege of interacting with a number of very talented and capable people, and we think Kyle will be a great fit for us.